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Procedure Manual

The following is a list of the procedures that have been prepared for publishing on the Internet so far. The Emirate aims to publish them to inform citizens about them so that they are aware of them .. and to take into account their provisions when processing requests and matters that affect their interests.

Session Summons Requests

  • Attach a copy of the resident's status or residency card
  • The address and phone number of the summoning owner
  • Detailed address of the defendant
  • Legitimate power of attorney or attested authorization in the event of representation on behalf of another person
  • Make sure to come an hour early before the session to complete the summons
  • Fill out the declaration of the request and sign it

Requests Of Those Wishing To Marry Foreigners

  • An identification sheet from the employer stating the amount of the salary and a copy of it
  • A copy of the civil status card or a copy of the family book
  • An identification paper from the mayor titled both parties

Request to deport the body of the deceased to his country

  • Passport copy of the deceased explaining the entry visa
  • Copy of the deceased's residence book
  • A copy of his death certificate or a copy of the medical report
  • The address of the deceased’s relatives in his country, in Arabic
  • A copy of the accompanying travel ticket, and that the reservation date is five or more days after the date of the review of the emirate

Traffic Accidents Recall Requests

  • Clearly identifying the place where the traffic accident occurred
  • Determine the time and date of the accident, indicating the time in which the accident occurred, by hour, day or night
  • The official authority that started the accident and the name of the official who received the accident
  • The necessity of ending the private right and attaching proof of that with the summons