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Privacy Policy

If you use the website of the Emirate of Makkah, send us an e-mail through the portal or register with the portal to provide us with personal data, we may make the necessary data available with other government agencies or other departments in the Makkah Region to serve you more effectively. Unless they are authorized by the competent authorities to perform certain government services, and by submitting your personal information and information through the portal, you fully agree to the storage, processing and use of such data by the Emirate of Mecca. We reserve the right at all times to disclose any information to the competent government authorities, when necessary to resolve any problem contained to us.

  • You agree and are fully responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the data you send through this portal when you register your information with us in the portal.
  • To preserve your personal data, secure electronic storage and personal data sent using appropriate security technologies.
  • The Portal management team shall take appropriate and appropriate measures to safeguard the personal information it has securely protected against loss, unauthorized access, misuse, alteration and unauthorized disclosure.

Personal Information Collected by the Emirates:

When the client registers for the services of the Emirates, the Emirates will collect the following information:

  • Personal identification information, such as: Full Name, National ID Number, Mobile Number, E-mail Address, National Address, and others.
  • Academic information, such as certificates and academic transcripts.
  • Career information, such as CVs, career and experience certificates, and career history.
  • Login information for your account (username and password (encrypted)).

Sharing of Personal Information with other Entities:

The Emirates uses personal information for various purposes that include:

  • The Emirates uses Personal Identification Information to notify the beneficiary of any updates regarding the services it provide.
  • In order for the Emirates to better provide its services, the Emirates may share academic and job information with various government agencies or departments, or with non-governmental entities authorized to perform specific government services to carry out the Ministries work

The beneficiary's consent to this policy means that he/she agrees to sharing his/her personal information by the Emirates with other government agencies or other companies.

Responsibilities of the Emirates Towards Personal Information:

The Emirates of Makkah Province is committed to preserving the personal data of the beneficiaries as their extraction, processing and sharing are only for reasons required to carry out the official work. The Emirates is also committed to using secure communication channels when sending personal information outside the Emirates. The Emirates of Makkah Province is not responsible for the mechanisms and methods of protecting information for other sites, and advises the beneficiaries to refer to the privacy policies of those sites.

Service Providers:

The Emirates of Makkah Province uses companies or individuals to facilitate or develop its services. These parties may have access to personal information to perform official work on behalf of the Emirates. These companies and third parties are obliged not to disclose such information and are obliged not to use it for any other purpose.

Rights of Beneficiaries with Respect to their Personal Information:

  • The beneficiary has the right to approve or object on this policy. The non-approval of this policy means not benefiting from the services of the Emirates. The beneficiary may contact the General Administration of Governance and Planning to ascertain the compliance of the Emirates of Makkah Province with approved methodologies.
  • The beneficiary has the right to access and update his personal information whenever required.
  • The beneficiary may also submit an official communication to the Emirates in the event of a violation of the privacy of his/her personal information.

Policy Update:

The Emirates may update the Privacy Policy from time to time. Visitors to the portal will be notified of any updates to this policy and we advise everyone to periodically review this Privacy Policy.

For More Information

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